Hey All,

Tropical Brunch was a monthly Sunday Day Party series, when Sunday parties weren't really a thing. (Our last party was 2 years ago) We would bring in a bunch of DJ's as well as a bunch of production (lights, lasers, video wall, and way too much sound) and put on a pretty fun and memorable event. Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and that was the case with Tropical Brunch. People started their own Sunday Parties such as Uptown Social and DAYTOX at Mynt, as well as Trio's Summer Sundaze. It has recently come to our attention that Republic has branded their Sunday's with our old branding without our permission. I don't think this is cool, since the event they are throwing is now weekly and they don't have any production as well as only 1 or 2 DJs not playing the same style music like the events of the past. They even got a graphic designer to remake the logo I created in similar style fonts. In order to avoid misleading of people, we are releasing this statement, saying the original DJs and Musicians have nothing to do with this event and I encourage people to NOT attend these events. That being said, If you want to attend a Sunday Funday event, please take your business to Uptown Social during the day and Trio at night, which will include pretty much all of the old Tropical Brunch DJs.

Thanks for the read,

-DJ Kevbo

PS. You would think an entire restaurant group could come up with a name for their Sundays?